Monday, 13 February 2012

Hi guys,

If anyone reads this you will know by my website how new I am to this. ANYWAYS....  first of all lemme tell you a bit about myself. Secretly I'm related to Beyonce HAHA LOL ...  I WISH. BUT SERIOUSLY...

I'm fourteen and go through all the problems normal teenage girls go through: spots, weight issues, Guy problems. All a recipe for drama. So there you go , there's ME.

This week's topic will be : School.

School. The place your forced to go five days a week for eight hours. Now, in films (usually american) they talk about different clicks e.g populars, weirdos , skanks. And their not far wrong. CLICKS DO EXIST.

The group I'm in is the 'casjj' group everyone mixes (bare with me , it gets more interesting). But I'm gonna be talking about the popular gang.

Once again like the movies, there's the dopy guy. In my case there's two. These two really are dumb and dumber. They only really have enough brain cells to pick their nose and wipe it on some poor girl's skirt.
They think their God's gift to women when they are probably what happens when you get bladdered and its too late to undo what's been done.

Then there's the girls. WHERE DO I START?  
These girls wear outfits so tight you can see what they had for breakfast , lunch and dinner. Some of them have at least 5 guys chasing after them even if  these guys look they ran into a brick wall. (I'm trying not to mention any names).

It's not just this. These girls are FAKE. weeve, caked in make up , fake nails . Need I say more.

Recently two girls were fighting over this guy. I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND. But, lemme explain, he looks like he he was attacked not by just one bee but the whole damn hive. Really, the guys girls go for these days. :0

Finally there's establishing the difference between fake friends and real friends.

Here's how I know;
1. A real friend will keep your secrets and claim it isn't true right to the very end. Not just decide to tell cause , and I quote : 'everyone already knows'
2. A real friend will let you copy their homework , not avoid youfor the whole of lunchtime.
3. A real friend understands what it means when you shoot her daggers cause she is linking arms with your crush
4. A real friend  doesn't just talk , but listens.
5. A real friend doesn;t go on about how fat she is . Cause if you were fat you would lose weight. And it would probably help if you didnt go into maccy d's on a daily basis.

Not like I'm talking from experience.......

ANYWAYS..... Take my nuggets of wisdom and live your life. Be back next Monday.